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Star songsnsounds
true songs by alekzy n friends.

Group Founder: alekzy
Description: music is a deep science,it is spiritual,mental,emotional,inspirational n influencial.d sound of music moves my spirit setting me beyond seas.i wana xplore d powers of songs n sounds,com join me on my journey.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Music > Rn'B & Soul

Topics (2)

go what can music do 2u? (0) alekzy
music is emotional n vital in mind control technology,what does it do to ur person?

go comment on this topic pls. (0) alekzy
my name stage name is alekzy d-empy,am a song writer,an artist n a poet.i wana b a superstar n so do you,join me lets talk real music.once u answer dis qst.u bcom a member.what genre of music do u lik...

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